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Give Back With MAC


Stand for those who cannot stand at all.


At MAC Commissioners and Publications LLC we are committed to helping those who are unable to help themselves. We are leaders, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. Take a stand with us, and let's make a difference in our communities, 


Let's be the change we wish to see in the world.


Our Mission

is to use the power of our voices and networks to make a difference globally through the MACCPUB Foundation.



Thank you for choosing MAC Commissioners & Publications LLC. We will donate 10% of our earnings to charity. Feel free to learn more about the organizations we support below. You can rest in knowing that you are making a difference by simply doing business with us. Thank you again.

You truly are making this world a better place!

We Are Currently Taking Appointments For Rent/Mortgage Assistance. Please Fill Out The Pre-Screening Survey Below. If You Qualify, You Will Be Sent A Link To Schedule An Appointment With A Case Manager To Discuss Your Situation.

Do you have or recommend a nonprofit organization?

Tell us! Submit the form below. We want to help!