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At MAC Commissioners and Publications LLC we pride ourselves in aiding companies aiming to build or maintain their status as a top of the line brand. Regardless of the company size, experience, or years of establishment, we produce nothing less than white-glove service. We have captured the loyalty and trust of a multitude of clients. We deliver superb experiences that extend far beyond all of our client expectations. We only hire the best. 

Every associate will receive superior training and coaching. Our goal is to develop, inspire, and give our associates the tools they need to enhance their careers. MACC Publications welcomes an array of talents. We strongly believe in the power of building one another up and working together to create a multitude of masterpieces. That's who we are. We're creators, experts in our field.


We are overzealous about joining new and established talent - YOU - on your journey in development. We understand that when it comes to establishing careers in our world - a world only creators understand - it sometimes comes with obligatory and often exhausting nine-to-five shifts. At MAC Commissioners and Publications, we provide multiple opportunities for our associates to earn income and to have fun doing it. How do we accomplish this?  We dedicate time and effort in establishing relationships with clients looking for talented people just like you. 


For the Writer
A true writer can write about anything. At MACC Publications, we challenge our writers to explore every avenue in the writing arena, so that they are able to do what they love full time. We are content writers specializing in an array of fields, and we are also published authors. We can do it all, from a simplified blog post to a detailed juicy novel. 

At MACC Publications, we also provide additional opportunities for writers to earn income (i.e. our Affiliated program). That's right, writers earn additional income anytime a client signs up - using the writer’s unique link - and completes their first order with us. Moreover, We are in the business of publishing works from both young and established talented authors. 


For the Editor

We need you! Our writers need you! We strive for perfection at this company. Our golden rule is a client should never see a draft. We take pride in our work. We only showcase our best, and we do our best every time.


You bring our pages, blogs, articles, and book covers to life! You make us look professional, appealing, eye-catching, captivating...the whole nine! You are an essential part of helping us in our pursuit to captivate the hearts and minds of our readers, writers, and clients. You are a valued asset.

For the Notary Public
Writing not your thing? That’s okay! We establish connections with companies and clients seeking to have their documents notarized. This is a simple and sweatless way to earn income. Let us do the groundwork for you. 


The Bottom Line Upfront
The ultimate goal is to help our associates accomplish sweet and sweatless victories as they establish themselves in the writing and or notary public world each day, one written work at a time. If you are driven, focused, and as passionate about success as we are, we encourage you to apply for a position on our team.